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File:071755e078ff729019c98e793aeb5917 large.pngFile:5 reasons for all gamers why it is a great idea to back Chris Taylor's WildmanFile:ARPGamer Interview with Chris Taylor of Gas Powered Games
File:Appreciation Video - Gas Powered GamesFile:BCh0ODqCcAAByfN.jpg large.jpgFile:Desert-gameplay-copy.png
File:Dinoteam.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Forum new.gif
File:GPG WM 06.pngFile:Gorilla4.jpgFile:Gpg mercury wildman 01 props creep.jpg
File:Herocreepvariants.jpgFile:I Support the Kickstarter for Wildman An "Evolutionary" Action RPG, by Gas Powered GamesFile:Video Update 10 Brian Fricks spotlight, world creation, and text FAQ
File:Video Update 5 Mod tools and Project MercuryFile:Video Update 5 Mod tools and Project Mercury-0File:Video Update 5 Mod tools and Project Mercury-1
File:Video Update 6 Chris Q AFile:Video Update 9 Dev Spotlight Art Ninja Spencer AiltsFile:Why I'm supporting Wildman
File:Wildman3.jpgFile:Wildman 2.jpgFile:Wildman An "Evolutionary" Action RPG
File:Wildman Developer Interview w Chris TaylorFile:Wildman On The Road 1File:Wildman On The Road 1-0
File:Wildman Video Update 11 Kevin "The Punisher" Pun and his concept art creation processFile:Wildman Video Update 1 Prototype Gameplay and Q&AFile:Wildman Video Update 1 Prototype Gameplay and Q&A-0
File:Wildman Video Update 4 How to Fit an RTS Into an Action-RPGFile:Wildman Video Update 8 Node Creation and announcement!File:Wildman mayhem.jpg
File:Wildman strike.jpgFile:Wildmanconcept.pngFile:Wm-concept-caveenvironment.png
File:Wm-concept-polymorphgorillaexploration-copy 0.pngFile:Wm-concept-polymorphideas01.pngFile:Wm-concept-polymorphideas02 0.png
File:Wm-concept-shrines01 0.pngFile:Wm-concept-weapons01.pngFile:Wm-concept-wildwoman4 0.png
File:Wm char04.pngFile:Wm concept bugsexploration01.pngFile:Wm concept creepdesigns01.png
File:Wm concept desertbridge.pngFile:Wm concept dinoteam.pngFile:Wm concept earlycreeps-mounts2.png
File:Wm concept earlycreeps2.pngFile:Wm concept jungle.jpgFile:Wm concept jungle2.jpg
File:Wm concept overlook.pngFile:Wm concept pillbugsgameplay2.pngFile:Wm concept wildmanstudies.png
File:Wm env03.pngFile:Wm env04.pngFile:Wm monster01.png
File:Wm stronghold.pngFile:Wm stronghold2.pngFile:Wm weapons02.png
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