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Welcome to the Wild Man Wiki!

Wildman is a upcoming Action RPG/RTS Hybrid game from Gas Powered Games.

Gas Powered Games have developed many popular games such as Supreme Commander, Total Anhilation, Demigod, Dungeon Siege, and Age of Empires Online.

Set 200,000 years in the past you start out as a primitive man or woman with a bone for a weapon and as you explore you conquer new lands aquiring new technology spanning the dawn of man until the middle ages! 

  • ARPG Meets RTS for a new Skull Packing Experience!
  • Find cool loot for your troops and Wildman
  • Use Shamanistic magic against your foes.
  • Polymorph into crazy powerful creatures
  • Command Attack Dogs, Wizards, and faithful warriors as you decimate and take over the land! 

In order for this game to come to life a fundraising goal of 1.1 Million Dollars needs to be reached. The primary way to contribute to the fundraising can be found here.

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Wildman An "Evolutionary" Action RPG

Wildman An "Evolutionary" Action RPG


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Join the 8800+ Kickstarter backers of Wildman.

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